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About the Site
Why the name is Broken-FEMALE: I thought of the name one night laying in bed. I decided the name being that I always seem to feel "broken", my life never seems to be going right for me. My luck is never good, it seems as if nothing good ever happens for me, and I struggle to make it each day. I have no one to talk to, to express how I feel inside. So I express my thoughts and feelings here. It sort of makes me feel better but only to a certain extent. It's like a comfort zone.

What type of site is this: A personal blog, diary of my life.

Time frame: A little over 2 years I have been using the site.

Previous name: The first domain was, the site was used as the same purpose. I think of the site as my diary. But instead of writing my feelings, I blog them.

Layouts or Graphics?: Not sure of it but I have thought about expanding and adding layout request some day.